Who's Reni ?

This is what I wrote when I started blogging before 4 years,when I had transitioned from programming silicon chips to frying potato chips, and was 'Home Alone' in a foreign country with no friend or help :)My blog was 'What's Cooking !' then....

"A simple,lazy person who finds happiness in creating things with my hands..be it cooking or arts and craft:) A techie previously,a stay at home mom of a little girl currently.When I first entered the kitchen with hardly any experience with cooking and a few of my mom's recipes jotted down in a book,cooking blogs were my saviours.This is my attempt at passing it on.I love to cook for my small family & I love to explore new cuisines. I'm no expert,still very much a learner,as with everything else i believe the learning never ends with cooking too:)This blog is more of my cooking journal,where I've recorded the recipes that I've tried and have worked really well for me.Most of my recipes are quick,simple and kid friendly. If you like my recipes,do leave your comments and suggestions.Occasionally you could also find me rambling on some interesting topic or sharing a travel experience.You would always find something cooking here,literally and idiomatically :)Happy cooking !"

Over the years I haven't been posting regularly owing to several reasons. I'm still the same simple person who cooks with fervour,eats with gusto and cleans grudgingly. Blogging has helped me develop a keen interest in Photography,sometimes I feel that the clicking and Prop hunting excites me more than the cooking :)I'm still in the same country too ,struggling with the language.Guess it was better before when I hardly knew the language and got by with " Do you speak English ?".Now I boldly speak the language only to realise that I speak worse than my 5 year old :)

Well, I'm now the Mother of two little girls and I've renamed my blog as "The Noisy Kitchen" ,as it perfectly depicts my blog. The tiny Kitchen in my Home is the most noisiest and happening corner.It's where Hubby and I discuss everything important without our kids screaming that they can't hear their Cartoon characters on TV.Our Kitchen's always noisy,either there's some cooker whistling ,or the dishes clanking,or my elder one wanting to help me in the Kitchen and the smaller one always searching for something inedible that she can put in her mouth :).I always try out new dishes ,which I share here.I believe that cooking is unique,each of us have our own style and taste. I'm still no expert,but I learn a little every day and I thoroughly enjoy it.

If there's something I love other than exploring new Recipes it's reading.I simple love Books and can't get by without reading at least a few pages each day.I also love to craft and have a little crafting space here .The Cooking,Reading and Crafting make me happy and keep me going :) I share my thoughts and recipes in this Blog and it's very close to my heart !

Thanks for stopping by !  I'll be glad to hear from you, please leave your comments in the comment section :)



  1. Hey, you have an interesting post...I liked the recipes, following you :)

  2. Hey Reni, Thanks for dropping my blog...love what you have here...luv and luck,MM :-)

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  4. Hi Reni, thanks for the comment. i am following you here. keep blogging.

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  6. came across ur blog accidentally.... loved ur posts... keep posting....:-)

  7. came across ur blog accidentally.. loved ur posts... keep posting :-)


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