Tuesday, 15 October 2013

Lemon Rice

Have you ever felt that your taste in food changes a lot as you grow older.I still don't like spinach and bitter gourd though :P But I've generally noticed that I've started preferring hot,spicy and tangy things to sweet goodies. Lemon rice is one thing that I used to hate till before a few years ,but I've suddenly developed a liking to it's humble tangy flavour. Besides it's also pretty easy to prepare,exactly what a lazy person like me would love :)When paired up with a hot spicy side dish it can make a real scrumptious meal.I guess everybody has their own way of making it,one of my friend adds about 2 tbsp of curd while tempering and it does give it a nice flavour.So off to my way of making it....

You'll Need:
Rice(Uncooked) - 1 cup - 150 g
Lemon Juice - 50 g - 1/3 of a cup
Green Chillies -2
Whole Red Chilli - 2
Peanuts (skinless) - 4 to 5 tbsp
Channa Dal - 2 tbsp
Urad Dal - 2 tbsp
Cumin seeds - 1 tsp
Mustard - 1 tsp
Turmeric Powder - 1/2 tsp
Hing -  a pinch
Curry Leaves - 2 sprigs
Ginger - 1/2 tsp(grated)
salt - as needed
oil & ghee - 2 tbsp(together)

-Cook the raw rice with salt and 1 tsp of oil until it's well cooked but firm.
-To a pan add the oil & ghee,when it heats up add the hing,ginger,curry leaves whole red chilli,cumin and mustard seeds.
-Then add the green chilli ,chana dal and peanuts .Saute until the peanuts and channa dal are slightly browned.Now add the urad dal and the turmeric and saute until the urad dal is browned.
-Switch off the stove ,add the lemon juice and salt and mix well.
-Add the tempered lemon juice mixture to the cooked rice and mix well.Check for salt and add more if needed.Done !

Thanks for stopping by ! Happy Cooking !

Sending this to Cook with White happening at Merry Tummy


  1. Easy, quick and comforting rice bowl.. Love your cute bowl.. Beautifully clicked pictures..

  2. Looks very delicious and one of my favorite rice variety.

  3. Thats a comforting dish. First time here. Happy to follow u. Do visit my blog when u find time

  4. tangy and my all time fav rice..looks tempting...
    lovely presentation Reni and love that blue bowl..its cute..

  5. With age our likes change I feel that all the time.Some years back I too never liked so much spicy and tangy stuff but now I find myself hanging on to puliyodarai.
    Love the blue and yellow combination and the yummy lemon rice.

  6. That is delicious lemon rice Reni Love it.

  7. I have already love spicy and tangy dishes and I think you are right to a certain extend. Its age, maybe also less's sugar is better concept too. There's so many varieties of lemon rice and I have made a few. Yet because sour notes are my all time fav, I am loving your version and its so beautifully color and presented.

  8. My all time fav lemon rice, this bowl of rice makes me hungry I can finish it in no time, love it have with spicy chicken curry or potato fry....

  9. An all time favorite, love it with some aviyal..

  10. love hte addition of ginger here, delicious rice...

  11. Superb,my favourite. Thanks for sending this to Gayathri's WTML Event hosted by me.


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