Thursday, 21 August 2014

Mango Peda - Mango Milk sweet

I read this interesting article in a health magazine recently about how a child views food.Just a tiny write up but a real good one.I could relate with most of the facts that the author had mentioned like,when kids are involved with cooking they eat better.Even it it's something small like cleaning a vegetable or sprinkling some pepper.The author started off with how children notice little details about food,more than we grown ups.They eat with all their senses,how the dish looks,smells,tastes everything matters to them :)If you serve them a lovely dish with just one ingredient that they don't like, they could probably turn down the whole dish.They love fancy and adventurous names for their food.Now doesn't that sound good,if you name a regular soup,'Pirate soup',your kid might probably finish it off in no time.This really works at our place too :)If you had read my mango cake post,you would've read about how I got this big tin of mango pulp.This was yet another dessert that I prepared with the mango pulp.Hubby and I can wipe out a big box of sweets in no time,but my daughter surprisingly doesn't like sweets.But for the first time she ate quite a lot of these pedas. Wonder whether she loved the sound of the name 'Peda' or she just loved its colour ! If you love milk sweets you would definitely love this..So off to the recipe........

You'll Need:
Makes about 15 - 20
Mango Pulp - 350 ml
Sugar - 1/2 cup(depends on the sweetness of the mango)
Paneer - 1 cup(grated)  or Fresh Chenna -1 cup
Whole milk - 1 cup
Milk powder - 1 cup
Ghee - 1 tbsp
Cashew nuts - 10 - 12 (broken to small pieces)
Cardamom powder - 1 tsp
Vanilla essence - a few drops
Pista or Almods or Raisins - for decorating

-To the big jar of a food processor add the paneer,mango pulp,milk and milk powder and pulse for a few seconds until the ingredients are well combined.
-To a pan,preferably non stick or thick bottomed, add the ghee on medium flame and when it warms up add the cashew nuts and stir for a minute.
-Then add the combined pulp,milk,paneer and milk powder and mix well .Add the sugar and mix well.Let it cook for a few minutes on  a medium flame.After some time the mixture will start spluttering.Stay at a safe distance as it splutters very badly.Then reduce the flame and cover it.Let the mixture cook until the spluttering stops.
-Once the spluttering stops remove the lid and increase the heat and start stirring it.
-After 3 -4 minutes you can see the whole mixture clamming up together Add the cardamom powder and vanilla essence and mix well..Keep stirring until the mixture doesn't stick to the pan.You'll know it's done when you get the feeling 'I'll never have to clean that pan' :).
-Transfer the contents to a container greased with oil,ghee or butter .Spread it and let it cool.You can then cut into diamond shapes or make small round pedas like how I've done.Make a small depression on each peda and fill it with pista,almonds or a raisin.It makes it look appetising and cute.Enjoy your peda !

Thanks for stopping by ! Have a nice day !


  1. yes...color of the peda is attracting me too...visit my space too

  2. That is such a beautiful presentation of peda with mango.Hmm pirate soup sounds good but my kid would ask me first sooo what did u grind and add that u had to change the name ?!! Gosh :))

  3. Simply so good. Love these beauties oozing with such gorgeous color and flavor.

  4. wow so you are back to blogging now, eh? how have you been? i too disappeared for longest time from blog world.. hoping to make a come back of my on soon ;)

  5. its very nice.i tasted it ..delicious one!!!!

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