Wednesday, 5 July 2017

Mango Condensed Milk Ice pops - Quickie

This is yet another simple and super yummy Ice Pops,it tastes very similar to mango Kulfi.
Condensed milk is really a wonderful ingredient,you have it at hand and you can make so many delicious desserts in no time.I love this recipe mainly because it doesn't turn very hard like the other Pops and melts in your mouth in no time.I couldn't get a proper click, with one kid trying to eat it before I could click and the scorching heat melting it.My kids somehow believe that anything I click is more delicious than the similar thing that they hold in their hands.Taking a picture when they are around is like participating in Takeshi's castle(Hindi dubbed version),where I have to  simultaneously make sure that one of my kids doesn't run away with the food and the next one doesn't knock everything down in her attempt to make it look better or wanting to pose ,the camera refusing to respond to different modes and the sun(you too Brutus!) hiding behind the clouds :)So off to the pops which calls for very few ingredients and can be whipped up quickly !

Makes about 8 - 10
You'll Need:
Mango pulp - 200 g (from 2 mangoes)
Condensed milk (Sweetened) - 1/2 a tin - 200 g
Heavy cream - 200 ml - about 3/4th a cup
Sugar - if needed

-Add all the ingredients to a Blender and pulse for a few seconds.Add sugar and blend again if needed.
-Pour in the Popsicle mould and freeze for at least 4 hours.After the first one hour of freezing,stick the ice-cream stick in the middle of each mould.
-If you want to make an ice-cream out of the mixture.Pour it into a large bowl and let it freeze.Take it out after one hour of freezing and beat it well with a fork to break the ice crystals,and return to the freeze.Do this repeatedly 3 -4 times in intervals of 1 hour.

Thanks for Stopping by ! Have fun !

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