Thursday, 2 May 2013

Bombay Toast - Quick Fix

Serves 1
A simple yet delightful bread toast.Some people call it French Toast,but i somehow like the name Bombay toast.I would call this my favorite childhood snack.This was my father's specialty,he was an expert at making this.He would make it so moist and sugary that my sister & I would never feel that we've had enough.It makes a great breakfast and my daughter loves it. I learnt it from my Dad and he in turn from my Grand mom,well guess recipes are like heirlooms that are passed down from generation to generation ;)

White Bread - 2 slices
Egg - 1
Milk - 4 tbsp
Butter or ghee - 1- 2  tbsp
White sugar or Brown sugar - 3-4 tsp

-Cut the edges from the Bread.
-Break the egg into a bowl & beat well with a fork.Add the milk & sugar and beat well.
-Heat a pan , when it heats up toast the bread slices for a minute on both the sides.
-Now add the bread slice to the egg mixture and with a fork make small piercings in it so that it gets soaked well in the egg mixture.Remove it & add the next slice and repeat the same thing.
-Add the ghee to a broad pan and when it heats up add the well soaked bread slices.Cook on a low to medium heat until they are well cooked and slightly browned on both the sides,turning them in between.


  1. Quick delicious recipe.. Kids favourite one..

  2. My mom makes this the same way, love this, following u back..

    1. Thanks for stopping by Hema !

  3. Just like your dad, my mom used to make this when I come back from school during my schooldays, memories! Any time favorite snack - simple and easy to make but tastes rich. Looks soft and delicious.
    Try adding cinnamon powder to the mixture, it kinda tastes different but good too.

    1. Thanks Pavithra ! miss those golden schooldays ,don't we :)Adding cinnamon powder sounds like a nice aromatic twist..will sure try it out :)

  4. That bread toast looks really fluffy and delicious yumm..

  5. The simple flavors but lovely burst of taste. Used to be my fav but these days too lazy to make it. Thanks for the reminders that I need to make and have these awesomely prepared toast.

  6. Excellent clicks Reni.. Loved the Bombay toast dear :-)

  7. thanks for sharing this ...this is really a quick fix dear

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  9. Replies
    1. Thanks a lot for stopping by Menaga :)

  10. Glad to follow u,feel free to follow me as well,thx u!!

  11. Fast and delicious love it...lovely clicks too.

  12. Replies
    1. Thanks for stopping by Preety !

  13. It was in my family too. Love it.

  14. Wow Reni!! This is quick and looks delicious!! i will try it on Zini :)


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