Friday, 10 May 2013

Broccoli Capsicum Stir Fry - Quick Fix

Serves 2
This is a very simple and easy to make stir fry,Capsicum and Broccoli make a very healthy & delectable combination. Both my hubby and daughter are big fans of broccoli ,so this is something that I prepare pretty often. I've only recently started liking Broccoli,when I first started cooking I would overcook Broccoli .It used to take the whole flavor out of it and I would successfully make it taste bitter:) Broccoli is one vegetable that tastes great only when you steam it for just 3-4 minutes or saute it for a few minutes .The stir fry calls for very few ingredients and still tastes yum .Comes in handy when you don't feel like cooking an elaborate dish. I've given my craft blog a makeover,pls do stop by when you find time :)

You'll need :
Broccoli - 8 - 10 big florets
Capsicum - 1/2 a medium one
Garlic - 4-5 cloves(minced finely)
Olive oil - 3 tsp
Pepper Powder - 1/2 tsp(optional)
Salt as needed

-Clean and chop the capsicum.Clean the broccoli and break it into smaller florets.
-To a pan add the oil,when it heats up add the garlic and saute until it slightly browns.
-Add the capsicum & broccoli together and mix well until they are coated with oil.Now sprinkle the salt and mix well.
-Saute on low to medium flame for 5- 8 minutes until broccoli just looses its raw flavor.
-Finally sprinkle the pepper powder and mix well .Saute for another minute or two.Done !
-Makes a great side for any spicy gravy!

Thanks for stopping by. Happy Cooking !


  1. Reni,that looks delicious and not mushy at all ,love the colors and the background.

  2. delicious and crunchy , nice stir fry.

  3. Very colourful.. Love the combo of capsicum and broccoli..

  4. healthy n easy with lots of color.. nice combo dish

  5. I need more quick fix. Time can be a major factor in deciding what to cook. Thus I am loving such delish and simple sides.

  6. Wow.. wonderful salad dear, goes healthy too!! I like the colourfulness of the dish!

  7. Simple, easy and healthy dish Reni :-)

  8. Such a simple and colorful recipe!
    Looks perfect!! Love the simplicity in flavoring the stir fry.
    Definitely a keeper.

  9. Your quick fix is super attractive!!
    Lovely pictures, Reni!!

  10. Thanks for sharing this very delicious recipe on your blog. I say that it was very delicious because I already cook and taste it. By the way, do you also have a stir fried chicken recipe? I want to cook that also thank you.


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