Tuesday, 29 July 2014

Mango Semolina Cake

Mangoes have always been a part of my life.My whole childhood was spent in a house whose slanting roof was shadowed by a huge mango tree.It was a small independent outhouse in the heart of the city and just a 10 minute walk from my school.It was a very old house with the roof covered with mud tiles,the curved type which you hardly come across these days.Much to my surprise I found many houses in Porto,Portugal with a similar roofing,made me wonder if architectural ideas were traded between the two countries as well.The walls of the house were made mostly of mud and the roof was supported mainly by wooden pillars The house didn't have big windows but the roof had big glass plates on it which let the sunlight and moonlight flow in.I still remember looking at the moon in the night and going to sleep as a kid.The glass plates were a fun thing too,we always had cats at home and they would always try to attract us by scratching the glass plates,to show off their antics :)Though it's long since we moved out of the house I still love it.Like the opening line in Rebecca 'Last night I dreamt I went to Manderley again' I often dream about my old house.The mango tree actually belonged to our neighbour ,but except for a few feet of its trunk and of course roots,everything else from the branches to the fruits grew over our house.Ironically we've tasted a very few of them,my mother would religiously pick each and every mango that falls down and hand it over to our neighbours,who would in turn share a few with them :)Well those were my 'Mango-di Days' :)
Coming to the recipe I got this big tin of Mango Purée because I had this sudden impulse to eat Mangoes.Only when I got home did I realize that I had picked up a very big tin,so ended up making a few desserts from them.This recipe is from my little book where I used to jot down the recipes collected from friends,TV shows or internet  in my initial years of cooking.It's very easy to make and tastes real yummy !More like Mango Kesari,so off to the recipe !

You'll Need:
Mango Purée - 1 cup - 250 ml(thick variety)
Cashew nuts or Almonds (broken) - 2 - 3 tbsp
Roasted Fine Semolina/Suji - 1 cup
Butter(melted and cooled) /oil/ghee- 4 - 8 tbsp
Cardamom powder - 1 tsp
Sugar - 1/2 cup(Depends upon the sweetness of the mangoes)
Baking powder - 1 tsp

-Pre heat the oven to 375 °F/185° C
-Grease a baking pan( I used a small loaf pan) and line the bottom with parchment or wax paper.
-Add the Semolina,baking powder,cardamom powder and mix well.Next add the butter and mango pulp and mix well.Add the sugar little by little ,till you get the desired sweetness.Add the nuts and mix well.
-Let the mixture sit for 10 -15 minutes.
-Then bake it in the oven for 30 - 35 minutes.The baking time depends on the oven and the pan.To be on the safer side, keep checking from the 25th minute by inserting a skewer or knife in the middle,if it comes out clean ,remove the pan from the oven.
-Let the cake cool in the pan.Then remove the cake from the pan and cut into pieces.You can later garnish it with nuts of your choice.Done :)

-For a richer taste add the whole 8 tbsp of butter,else it's better to stick with 4 tbsp.

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  1. Oh Reni I too love those old houses with with glass tile on roof ,my ancestral home is like that.It used to be so much fun almost like spot light coming thru the glass otherwise the entire room would be pitch dark even at noon.Miss those days badly.Our sloping roofs were made to aid the rain water to flow off and in places where it snows it would weigh the roof down if it is not sloped. I guess it is to do more with the weather :)
    Mango kesari does look really tempting and that too baked !

  2. Moist and soft cake...... Love it!!

  3. Looks soft and yummy... Visit my space too

  4. that looks like a dessert that I would love to sink my teeth in!! love the story as well... :)

  5. This is new cake to me... Very lovely... Bookmarked...

  6. Cake looks lovely and very tempting..

  7. Delicious mango semolina cake I love to try it.Yes memories are always precious.


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