Tuesday, 21 June 2016

Potato Pudding

 It's football season again with the Euro Cup in full swing.The shops are again loaded with T shirts and small horns and everything else that goes with the season.I sort of miss the South American Teams,I even asked my hubby the other day when  Argentina was playing when he reminded me that it was the Euro cup :)I  still remember my initial days in Germany when I was surprised one day when everybody seemed to be blaring their car horns in the middle of the night.It was like a car horn chorus and went on for quite sometime. It was only later that I got to know that it was kind of a ritual and it was their way of celebrating their country's victory.Sort of reminded me of the stories from ancient days where they blew their horns once a battle was won.You hardly see anybody honk their car horns impatiently at you here,in traffic or on the road.Everybody follows the rules even when they know that nobody's watching and the cars seem to move like they are in a procession.It's not just the driving,people seemed to practice discipline and following rules like a regular thing here.
I found it impressive when compared to the chaos back in India. But when I tell friends here about how we sometimes honk when a cow decides to cross a road at its own pace during peak hours,or other stories of day to day chaos they find it interesting .They tell me that they would love to visit India as it's so full of life and colourful,and they find their life more mechanical and boring.
Guess grass is always greener on the other side :)
Coming to the recipe ,I watched this recipe on a TV show some time back.It's a warm dessert and takes no time to prepare.Tastes real yummy and no one would guess that it has potatoes in it.The dish is originally from Himachal Pradesh and since it din't have a name I decided to christen it as 'Potato Pudding ' :)

You'll Need:
Serves 6 - 8
Ghee - 2 Tb
Potatoes - 2 (small,peeled and grated)
Digestive biscuits - 5 (Crushed)
Cornflakes - 4 Tb(crushed)
Dry fruits and nuts - Dates,Dried Figs or Apricots,Raisins,Almonds,Cashew nuts- 1/4 - 1/2 cup
Desiccated Coconut - 5 Tb
Sugar - 3 - 5 Tb(adjust according to taste)
Milk - 400 ml (boiled)(or more if needed)

 Method :
-Crush the cornflakes and biscuits by pulsing them in a blender for a few seconds,Use any Tea Biscuit or Digestive biscuits ,I used Marie Biscuits.
-In a hollow pan,heat the ghee,once it heats up add the potato and saute for a 5 -7 minutes on a low flame.
-Next add the biscuits and corn flakes and mix well.
-Add the coconut and  dry fruits and mix well.
-Add the milk and mix well.Add the sugar and mix well.Check and add more sugar if needed.Simmer for  a few minutes.
-Serve hot !

Note:The dish tends to thicken as it cools,so add a little hot milk just before serving.

Thanks for stopping by ! Have a nice day !

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  1. This sounds delicous... I am wondering if cornflakes and biscuits are added for some extra flavor... I remember seeing potato pudding somewhere but never got to making it.. your pictures are tempting enough to try them soon...


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